WE Thank YOU

Together we are making a difference! Your support for the mission “ONE Meal PER Day” to fight against the hunger in India, is deeply gratifying to us, and we hope it is the same for you.


We thank you for your great generosity!


We are happy to acknowledge the help of individuals, groups and organisations who been instrumental in the effort to beat hunger:

  • Rajesh Jee & Anuradha Jee for playing a vital role in planting the seed of the feeding program.

  • Mr. Rahul Sood & Mrs. Priyanka Sood for their legal advice when we need it most.

  • Lokeshwar Mathur & Co. for their support in managing and maintaining accounts.

  • MCKS Food For The Hungry Foundation DELHI ( for their continuous support for the feeding program in Gurugram.

  • Fotoplane Social for digital contents - Images, Text, Illustrations and Audio-Visual Clips.

  • GreenGeeks LLC and their Technical Support Team for hosting our website Blazing Fast & Secure Eco-Friendly.

  • HDFC Bank and United Bank of India for opening and maintaining our Bank Account with them tailored to our operations’ need.

  • Individuals and Organizations that have contributed for this drive.


If you have any specific questions about our mission, process and procedure please feel free to ask us and we will be honored to bring clarity.


We are thrilled to have your support. Your support is invaluable to us - we thank you again!


With deepest gratitude and warmest wishes


- Team Smile