a scene from a regular day in our lives

Casually walking into a restaurant with our family to enjoy a lovely meal.

You suddenly gaze out and see a few sweet little faces looking at you from the other side of the glass door. Their eyes seem to speak volumes. They seem to be hoping for tit-bits that has been abandoned on the plates by your children who ironically are over stuffed with all the goodies that you had ordered.

That’s how Food4Smile® was initiated – a small initiative taken by few responsible individuals who wanted to play a tiny part in bringing smiles to a few faces of under privileged children.

Food is the basic human right of every living being and nobody should die of hunger. We all need to stand up for this cause and strive towards ending it, to make this world a better place to live in.

Hunger is the world’s biggest SOLVABLE problem and so, we need to join hands and do as much as possible until it’s not a problem anymore!

To fight against the hunger in India, Golden Red Foundation through its drive Food4Smile® under “ONE Meal PER Day” Programme, is trying to satisfy the hunger pangs of underprivileged once a day by providing them good nutritious food securing a one-time meal for 365 days.

It is an emotional and satisfying sight to see a child eat a nutritious meal.

The satisfaction is even greater if WE play a part in bringing a smile on their faces.

hunger in India

This Documentary on Hunger in India was made and compiled by Lekhanapriya, Aditya Chaudhary, Niharika Sareen and Sachin Yadav – students of Journalism and mass communication from GD Goenka University.


August 01, 2015

This was the day Food4Smile® was initiated and we started feeding 150 underprivileged @ Gurugram, Haryana every Saturday & Sunday

November 01, 2016

We went ahead and started feeding 150 underprivileged @ Gurugram, Haryana 12 Days per month

February 18, 2017

With the growing support from the fellow volunteers, on this day, we launched “ONE Meal PER Day” Programme and since then we are feeding 150 underprivileged @ New Gurugram, Haryana Every Day

December 01, 2018

And now, since December 01, 2018, we are feeding 6000 underprivileged per month @ Gurugram, Haryana

January 17, 2020

As we are planning to take the fight against the hunger to other parts of India, we incorporated the Not for Profit Organization - Golden Red Foundation, with Registrar of Companies (under Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India) CIN: U85300HR2020NPL084822. And to bring more transparency to our day-2-day operations and finance, we have also registered ourselves with NGO-DARPAN, NITI Aayog, Government of India, Darpan ID: HR/2020/0253235.

One meal per day

To fight the Hunger in India

Food4Smile® was initiated to launch and organize feeding programs

which eventually has grown to “One Meal Per Day” Feeding Programme

focused on satisfying the hunger pangs of underprivileged once a day by providing them good nutritious food

securing a one-time meal for 365 days

One Meal Per Day Feeding Programme have always involved the people – an individual – YOU

Your support is crucial to bring this change!

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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Honorific Mahatma

Your donation will strengthen our mission of feeding underprivileged – once a day – by providing them good nutritious food, securing a one-time meal for 365 days.

Donate Now to help us feed those who lack nutritious food

For Bank to Bank Online Transfer: Golden Red Foundation, HDFC Bank, 50200048710632, HDFC0001394

UPI ID for UPI Payment using any UPI APP: food4smile.grf@upi

You can write a Cheque / Demand Draft, in the favour of Golden Red Foundation and send it to Golden Red Foundation (Food4Smile®), Villa # 22, MAPSKO Casa Bella, Sector – 82, Gurugram, Haryana, India – 122004

Once you have made the donation, please share Unique Transaction Number / Courier Tracking Number along with Full Name, Mobile Number, Email Address, Postal Address and PAN (Permanent Account Number) on accounts@food4smile.org or with the volunteer you are coordinating.

We only accept donations in ₹ (INR) from the bank account having their base branch in India.

We do not accept payment in any Foreign Currency or from any Foreign Bank registered outside and not in India.

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