Vision & Mission

Primary Objective

  • To remove hunger for underprivileged by providing them good nutritious food securing a one-time meal for 365 days.

  • To raise awareness and commit to action against hunger for public at large.

  • To enhance the nation’s nutrition and food security through new policies and also provide non-profit meal per day.


For our next phase, we are gearing up for;

  • To provide, guide, educate and to create health awareness program and to make, develop, build, promote Health Care Centre for the underprivileged children public.

  • To provide primary health care to slum dwellers at a nominal cost, if and when required, and to make it accessible to all by providing the same at their doorsteps with particular attention to the child health care, adolescent girls, women and to create health awareness among the underprivileged children, girls and women.

  • To provide, assist and to create helpline/helpdesk for secondary and other complicated cases of health problems, networking with various related agencies in the local area and supporting it with whatever is necessary for providing medical aid and guidance.

  • To create awareness about a clean environment, Planned Parenthood, and immunizations of all children against most dreaded communicable diseases and to impart knowledge about health, economical food, proper diet, clean drinking water and improvisation.

  • Early intervention to children with special needs in integrated manner with proper education and guidance to the public enabling them to be competent to take care of themselves.