What we Serve

an internationally accepted - suggested by nutritionists - hygienic food

We ensure it is high on food nutrition, while it is mildly flavoured with natural spices to appeal to the palate.

Wish to go beyond our standard ‘All-in-Bowl’ Power Meal

Please choose the one from the list below

Item (gm)Per Bowl (₹)Total (₹)
All-in-Bowl (200)14.672200.00
Rice & Aloo Chhola (250)28.004200.00
Rice & Aloo Matar (250)26.003900.00
Rice & Aloo Tamatar (250)26.003900.00
Rice & Daal Tadka (250)26.003900.00
Rice & Ghiya Chana (250)25.003750.00
Rice & Kaala Chana (250)28.004200.00
Rice & Kadhi (250)22.003300.00
Rice & Matar Paneer (250)33.004950.00
Rice & Rajma (250)28.004200.00
Puri (4) + Aloo Sabji + Halwa44.006600.00
Sweet - Halwa (200)22.003300.00
Sweet - Kheer (200)33.004950.00


Celebrate your day with us

Birthday - Anniversary - OR Any Day of your choice

Pick a day you would want us to feed on your behalf


  • Minimum Quantity for Feeding is 150 Bowls.

  • The aforesaid PRICE includes ‘Delivery & Distribution Cost’ and is limited to Sector 82 to 86 (@ Gurugram, Haryana) ONLY. Any changes in place of delivery or distribution will attract additional delivery charges - payable on actual.

  • The aforesaid PRICE doesn't include ‘Serving Bowl Cost’. Depending on the size or type of bowl charges will be as per actual.