A scene from a regular day in our lives!

Casually walking into a restaurant with our family to enjoy a lovely meal.

You suddenly gaze out and see a few sweet little faces looking at you from the other side of the glass door. Their eyes seem to speak volumes. They seem to be hoping for tit-bits that has been abandoned on the plates by your children who ironically are over stuffed with all the goodies that you had ordered.

That’s how Food4Smile was initiated – a small initiative taken by few responsible individuals who wanted to play a tiny part in bringing smiles to a few faces of under privileged children.

It is an emotional and satisfying sight to see a child eat a nutritious meal. The satisfaction is even greater if WE play a part in bringing a smile on their faces.

Food4Smile is trying to satisfy the hunger pangs of 150 of these kids once a day by providing them good nutritious food securing a one-time meal for 365 days.

ONE Meal PER Day

Starting 18th of February 2017 we are feeding 150 Kids @ New Gurugram, Haryana everyday during Lunch Time

To feed them on ONE single day it costs us around Rs. 2000.00 INR (for our standardized ‘ALL-in-Bowl’ meal). ALL-in-Bowl is an internationally accepted Power Meal, suggested by nutritionists. We ensure it is high on food nutrition, while it is mildly flavored with natural spices to appeal to the kids’ palate. Ingredients: Steam Rice, Chana Dal / Masoor Dal / Moong Dal / Toor Dal, Chole / Rajma / Kala Chana, Soybean Chunks / Seasonal Vegetables with Ghee.

Birthday – Anniversary – pick any day of the month you would want us to feed these kids on your behalf.

Wish to go beyond our standard ‘ALL-in-Bowl’ meal

Please choose the one from the list below or suggest a menu

ItemPer BowlTotal
All-in-Bowl (200 gm)13.332000.00
Rice & Aloo Chhola (250 gm)25.003750.00
Rice & Aloo Matar (250 gm)23.003450.00
Rice & Aloo Tamatar (250 gm)23.003450.00
Rice & Daal Tadka (250 gm)23.003450.00
Rice & Ghiya Chana (250 gm)22.003300.00
Rice & Kaala Chana (250 gm)25.003750.00
Rice & Kadhi (250 gm)20.003000.00
Rice & Rajma (250 gm)25.003750.00
Sweet - Halwa (200 gm)20.003000.00
Sweet - Kheer (200 gm)30.004500.00

Minimum Quantity for Feeding is 150 Bowls.

The aforesaid PRICE includes ‘Delivery & Distribution Cost’ and is limited to Sector 82 to 86 (@ Gurugram, Haryana) ONLY. Any changes in place of delivery or distribution will attract additional delivery charges – payable on actual.

The aforesaid PRICE includes ‘Serving Bowl Cost’ and is limited to 300 ML Thermocol Disposable Bowl. Any changes in the size or type of bowl will attract additional charges – payable on actual.

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